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Systems Thinking for Watershed Management

As a water resource engineer by training,  I specialize in watershed systems planning and management. My work spans surface water quality, drinking water quality, groundwater transport, community outreach, and climate change adaptation.


I recently completed my Ph.D in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I used hydrodynamic modeling, spatial analysis, and risk assessment tools to study how the socioeconomic landscape impacts exposure and adaptation to climate hazards. My work concentrated on examining the past and potential impacts that legacy contamination, sedimentation, and extreme weather have on riparian ecosystems and environmental health. In addition, I conducted socio-environmental analyses to identify potential risks to food, water, and energy systems. I aimed to understand the hydraulic linkages between the socioeconomic and hazard landscape, to help communities facing intersectional tensions in climate change. With a deep-rooted passion for environmental and climate justice, I actively engage in community outreach and service to local communities in the Northeast. As a water resource engineer, I strive to make meaningful contributions to the field of environmental engineering.

Outside of work, I have served as a leader in the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) for 10 years, serving most recently as an advisor to the UMass undergraduate chapter and founder of the Western Massachusetts Professional Chapter. 

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An Interdisciplinary Approach

Experience through collaborative engineering

In my approach to watershed management, I work collaboratively to address the varied challenges within our watershed systems. By combining hydrological modeling, community interviews, GIS, and remote sensing techniques with data analytics, I gain a deeper understanding of watershed dynamics and how they impact local operations. For my dissertation, I analyzed historical trends in water quality and climate to forecast the impacts of climate change on riparian ecosystems, community infrastructure, and stakeholder property. This work provided a detailed snapshot of watershed health and resilience, supporting community members to develop appropriate adaptations to climate hazards. By working closely with local, state, and federal stakeholders, I gained a unique perspective on systems-level management of water resource challenges. Collaborating with local communities, policymakers, and fellow researchers, I strive to develop sustainable water resource management practices that protect community interests. These experiences ensure that the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders are integral to the decision-making process, promoting sustainable development and resilience. My work not only advances scientific knowledge but also seeks practical solutions to improve watershed management, benefiting the sustainability and well-being of our communities, and positioning me as an effective management consultant with expertise in systems-level thinking and organizational excellence.


August, 2024
I will join Raftelis 
Financial Consultants, Inc. as an Associate Consultant on the Organizational Excellence team

May, 2024
Successfully defended my PhD dissertation on the impact of climate change on water resources in Massachusetts.

* Awarded the Switzer Environmental Fellowship
Selected as a USDA Northeast Climate Hub Fellow
Awarded American Water Works Association Scholarship by Raftelis


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