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Professional Communities

I am actively engaged in several communities of practice that help shape my growth as an interdisciplinary engineer, including ASCE, AWWA, NSBE, and BSCES. I was fortunate to be a part of several wonderful communities during my PhD, including the ones mentioned below, in addition to several others such as the Northeast USDA Climate Hub, Agents of Change in Environmental Health, and the Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center. I enjoy volunteering with and attending annual events with these COPs. 


Guzman Lab

Dr. Christian D. Guzman hosts an interdisciplinary laboratory at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. As Dr. Guzman's first student, I enjoy mentoring and supporting other water resource engineering projects.


Switzer Environmental Fellowship

Switzer Fellows are environmental and social change leaders in science, policy, justice, health, economics, advocacy, planning, business, law, and more. Joining as a fellow in 2023, I enjoy engaging with environmental justice and leadership training with Switzer.



This NSF research trainee program at UMass supports convergence training, fostering growth and collaborative research across environmental justice and energy equity projects. I enjoy collaborating on participatory action research projects with ELEVATE.

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